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Jungle Safaris Meets Ndutu

A safari spectacle that showcases the Great Migration. Follow the millions of wildebeest as they descend upon the Ndutu region to begin the calving season, giving birth to thousands of calves a day. This attracts the attention of predators such as lions, cheetahs, and serval others, creating a melting pot…


06 Days

05 Night


Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, please expect to find one of our experienced staff members waiting to transfer you and your party to a Hotel for the night. Rest well and refresh for the adventure ahead!


After breakfast today you’ll be transferred to Arusha Airport for your scheduled flight to Ndutu. It lies on the border between Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Ndutu is famous for being one the best sites to spot the world renowned “migration” phenomenon! It is also one of the few places where game drives routes are not strictly marked, allowing for an open car game drive and deeper explorations! After your lunch at the luxury tented lodge you will head for your open car afternoon game drive! Dinner and overnight stay will be at the luxury tented lodge.

Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge


Get your fill of Ndutu today with morning and afternoon game drives! Enjoy your hand cooked meals at the Masai Boma in the luxury tented lodge!

Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge


After breakfast today, you shall commence on your adventurous game drives to Ndutu and the great plains of southern Serengeti. Dinner and overnight stay will be at the luxury tented lodge

Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge


After breakfast you and your party will head to the world renowned Ngorongoro Crater. You’ll spend the afternoon descending into the crater. This volcanic caldera holds the largest predator population in all of Africa! Enjoy the rest of the day here and head back to the Lodge at the crater rim for dinner and an overnight stay


After breakfast we shall head back to Arusha where lunch will be waiting for you. From there your local guide will drive you back to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home. We hope you enjoyed your once-in-a-lifetime trip and made memories to last you forever! Asante Sana na Karibu Tena

(Thank you so much and come visit us again)


Balloon Safari in Serengeti / Ndutu

Serengeti from the Sky

A popular addition to your game drives and stay in the Serengeti or Tarangire National Parks is a balloon safari. It is an adventure as the hot air floats gently in the direction of the wind, offering a different view over the amazing scenery and wildlife below. The excursion starts…

Ngorongoro Maasai Village Visit

Exotic Bird Watching

Tanzania is an excellent destination for birders. Besides Lake Manyara and Arusha National Parks which are famous for water birds and other savannah and forest species, all the game parks in Tanzania have an amazing array of birdlife including Eurasian migrants. The most interesting part is that the birdlife may…

Visits To Maasai Bomas / Villages In Ngorongoro

Breathe The Fresh Crisp Air

Most visitors to Africa, especially first timers, find the continent and its people enchantingly different and a special experience. We at Jungle Safaris appreciate this fact and endeavor to include visits to the local communities to give our guests the opportunity to see first-hand the way of life in a…

Visit Of Olduvai Gorge

Learn The Rich History

The Olduvai Gorge, popularly referred to as “The Cradle of Humankind”, is the site where in 1959 Dr. Louis Leakey discovered the skull of Zinjanthropus or “Nutcracker Man” believed to have lived 1.75 million years ago. Later reclassified as Australopithecus boisei, this creature had a massive skull though small brained…