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Amidst the wonders of nature and exotic wildlife in the eastern Africa lies the beautiful country of Tanzania. Tanzania is considered as one of the best spots to be at if you are a nature lover. The Tanzania Safari Holidays is a dream come true situation for any adventure seeking individual. This country is full of natural beauty. The entire area provides a diverse habitat for a number of species including both fauna and flora. There are 16 national parks in the country that offer breathtaking views of the nature. You can experience wildlife like never before. The Tanzania Luxury tours can take you to the national parks where you can see lions, elephants, wildebeest, and hippos in all their glory roaming around freely. The African Safari Tanzania is a place for everyone including children and adults to enjoy. The Tanzania Safari Tour is the perfect fun for the entire family.

It would not be wrong to call Tanzania the absolute jewel of East Africa due to its variety of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The Indian Ocean beaches, shores of Lake Victoria, central plateau, and heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro are considered the top priorities of tourists.

One of the most attractive traits of Tanzania is that it has the most hospitable people. They treat the tourists like their own. Tanzania is also one of the safest counties in Africa which makes it the perfect destination for a family holiday. The dramatic landscapes can make your honeymoon experience even more romantic.

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania’s natural beauty and diverse plethora of plant and wildlife species make it a must-see destination for tourists. Almost a third of the country is protected, providing habitat for a multi tude of species across 16 national parks. Its teeming fauna comprises large mammals including lions,elephants, hippos, and wildebeest who migrate through the Serengeti in a spectacle that makes foran attractive safari.

From its stunning Indian Ocean beaches to the shores of Lake Victoria, from the arable plains of its central plateau to the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is a jewel of East Africa.

The people are welcoming and is one of the safest countries in Africa. Come experience the romance of magnificent landscapes, incredible animals and hospitable people.

The People And Culture

We invite you to immerse yourself in Tanzanian culture where the people are warm, friendly and welcoming.

Experience the hospitality rooted in rich traditions that exude respect, humility and love. The people of Tanzania are easy-going and enjoy sharing their culture through conversation, food and dance.

They hail from many tribes brought together under a single nation and share the powerful tool that is the Swahili language.

The Wildlife And The Landscape

The vast backdrop of gorgeous landscapes set an enviable scene to observe a variety of animal sin their natural habitat

Tanzania can provide a climatic tour from the tropics of the savannah to the arctic on Kilimanjaro

The Culture

Apart from the epic wildlife and scenic landscapes, Tanzania has much more to offer. It is a place of culture and warmth. We invite you to experience the beautiful Tanzanian culture and get the taste of pure warmth and friendliness of the Eastern Africa. Hospitality is deeply rooted in their traditions and culture. The Tanzanian people enjoy sharing their culture through conversing. Their food and dance also depicts their beautiful culture. The diverse culture in Tanzania comes from the people who hail from different tribes but unite as a single nation and speak Swahili language. You can book the Tanzania Luxury Tours to experience the rich lavishness Tanzania has to offer.

The Great Migration

An extraordinary journey of 2 million animals in constant movement. Come experience the wildebeest and zebras as they traverse the land in a wonderful spectacle.

We recommend a view of this journey from the air to appreciate the magnitude of this movement.

The Birds

Tanzania boasts a diversified species of over 1100 birds across its vast expanse to create an ornithological destination on its own right including the Serengeti itself.

Bird enthusiasts are treated to the maxim of large birds, flashy birds and noble birds. Is there a sky you want to experience that is not in Tanzania?

The Big Five

The legendary big five – lion, leopard, African buffalo, black rhino, and the elephant. A majesty of animals that can be viewed in a single day – a rare experience on any stretch of mother earth.

The big five are joined with other beautiful wild cats who roam wild and free. Come experience the speed of the cheetah, the cunning of the leopards and the pouncing of the serval among others.

Exotic Wildlife

There is no other place like Tanzania when it comes to wildlife. The marine parks and national parks contain 20% of the Africa’s large mammal species population. You can see wildebeests and zebra on the Tanzania Safari Tour to the Serengeti National Park, which is the second largest national park of Tanzania.

The African Safari Tanzania offers a wide range of wildlife. The national parks are part of the wetlands which means that you get to see the water loving species as well such as the waterbuck, elephant, crocodile, hippos, and water birds such as ducks and flamingoes.

The Luxury Tanzania Safari is for those who enjoy luxury and lavishness. Tanzania Safari Holidays are perfect for any adventure and wildlife lovers as they get to have an experience of a lifetime here.

Breathtaking Views

Another reason why Tanzania is the best place for holidays is that it offers the best scenic views for the nature lovers. Tanzania is a beautiful country when it comes to nature and wildlife. The ever so majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro is every nature lover’s dream. The many gorgeous landscapes act as the perfect place to observe the glorious wildlife in their natural habitat. The Luxury Tanzania Safari is a great romantic getaway to enjoy the wildlife and exotic views.