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Zanzibar Beaches

Welcome to Zanzibar. An island that is as intriguing as it is enchanting. This island off the coast of the Tanzanian mainland is steeped in history with Arabian, European and Swahili influences making it an exotic destination offering a magical journey. Zanzibar offers pristine white sandy beaches that is home to luxury resorts and endless summers. Relax by the tranquil sounds of the ocean and feel the gentle breeze with a delicious coconut in hand. The warm waters of the Indian ocean surround this island and is excellent for water activities and water sports.

Zanzibar is also known as “The Spice Island” with its delectable selection of spices that grow on the island from cloves to vanilla and everything in between. It was a merchants paradise with ships and traders coming from far wide over centuries to conduct trade and sample the offerings on this archipelago. You can indulge your senses with a spice tour of Zanzibar.


Zanzibar Stonetown

This island was also the jewel of the Omani empire with a former sultan making it the capital of Oman. It was also utilized as a trading post of the old world and has seen the plight of the slave trade with a dedicated museum that explains its history. The island has been inhabited for over 20,000 years and has seen the rule of many empires, kingdoms and rulers with so many cultures creating a melting pot that makes the fabric of Zanzibar.

We encourage you to visit this sleepy island that has preserved human endeavors and history. Come experience the magic as you walk through the streets of Stone Town with its beautiful carved doors and narrow alleys wandering into small cafes and shops amongst the warm and welcoming people of Zanzibar.